Brass Comb 真鍮櫛

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Brass Comb 真鍮櫛


Masterpiece Edition's items are all handmade by Svole Design LAB. Most of the items only have 1 edition, so you can be first owner and the most special one.





Width: 50mm

Depth : 8mm

Height: 156mm (close) 217mm (open)



Walnut Wood ウォールナット 

Brass 真鍮


Brass Comb is cut by precision cnc machine and handcrafted-finished using two pieces of walnut wood and one brass comb. 


Fine & Medium widths for this hair comb provide the ultimate versatility in styling your hair or beard.


Glide easily through your hair.


Every piece of wood has a unique pattern that makes its the only one.


We focus on producing quality goods to last generations. We ship worldwide.


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