SVOLE is a Product Design Studio and Research & Development Lab, we produce everyday goods that is made in Japan. All products are built entirely by hand and precision cnc machine with all natural materials, we only produce limited numbers with carefully selected craftsmen from Japan. From creative young mechanic teams to experienced craftsmen, we continue to refine our skills to provide the best product and engineering service in the world.


Svole combines an appreciation for gadgetry and Japanese craftsmanship in the products. The intent of each product is to produce high quality and handcrafted goods that can last for generations. Poetically speaking, we make products that are durable and can be aged with you. We hope you can feel the beauty of time immersed in the products. Traditional methods and new technology are merged to form timeless, functional, everyday products. 


Wood, brass and leather are the three key elements that we used in our products. We love to explore every possibilities of which these three materials are combined to become everyday goods. We always find continuous inspiration in the nature. We are thrilled to make these products with our hands and send them to customers around the world.


SVOLE スボレの名前は 魂のゆくえ ( SOUL ) と 問題解決 ( SOLVE ) を併せ持った、新しい価値を創りだすんだ。

SVOLE スボレはプロダクトデザインと製品開発スタジオで、世界進出を考えています。